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Jul 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
. >> rebekah brooks has been arrested. >>> celebrations as nelson mandela turns 93. these are pictures for this morning of mandela and his family. the south africans are marking the day with a call for community service. >>> no big deal. los angeles survived the weekend without one of the freeways. the 405 opened sunday after being closed for more than 36 hours. carmageddon never materialized. the construction project will require that it be closed again later this year hopefully with the same positive results. >>> the u.s. women's soccer team is not coming home as champions but they are happy about capturing the nation's attention. >> they lost on sunday to penalty kicks. the crowd at brittany's bar and grill watched as japan sanked the game-winning goal. after a brief shot the fans sheered on the american women. ali creeger was cheered on by many as she is from the area. >>> this photo was released by the -- from the white house as president obama and his wife and daughters watched the game. >> reporter: the world cup fans followed the usa women to germany to witness the final battle for
Jul 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
phone hacking scandal. embattled news corp. executive rebecca brooks resigned. brooks led the british arm of news corp. and she was the editor of news of the world. that paper folded this month after it was revealed they hacked into the cell phones of murder victims, soldiers killed in action and the victims of 9/11. news corp. also said this morning it will offer a formal apology for its actions, congress is now considering an investigation here in the u.s.. >>> at 6:04, we have a commuter alert and a makeover on the way for route 1 in maryland. the maryland highway authority has secured $8.8 million, that money will go to redesign a mile and a half stretch through college park and make the road more pedestrian friendly. now plans have been in the works since 1998. final approval is seen as a formality. >>> and a heads-up for mote reriders this weekend, the orange line is going to be split in two. that means no service between east falls church and west falls church. it starlets tonight -- starts tonight and goes through sunday. free shuttles will get you around the gap. >>> while yo
Jul 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
rebecca brooks will testify before a panel about that alleged phone hacking scandal. hearings come a day after scotland yard official resigned and a whistle blower that tipped off the scandal was found dead. it is alleged news of the world of hacking into voice mail of celebrities, politicians, murder victims and soldiers killed in action. >>> right now, the guardian angels are out on a section of the metropolitan branch trail. they want to keep cyclists and joggers safe after a wave of attacks. surae chinn is there to show us what's being done. >> the guardian angels have started patrols. they will be for the next few hours. you can see them riding on their bikes right now. they banded together with the police department to have uniformed and undercover officers also increasing their patrols all along the mvp trail. just imagine you're walking along here, the next thing you know, you're staring down the barrel of a gun. the guardian angels think force in numbers can deter crime. >> let the bad guys know that someone is out here watching. it is guardian angels, there's police officer
Jul 12, 2011 6:00am EDT
more. check out these numbers from the brookings institution hamilton project. the median income for a two- parent family was more than $56,000 a year. in 2009, it was $70,000. but that's working an additional 700 hours a year. earnings are up 23% but hours are up 26%. >>> meantime, starbucks is helping folks to count the calories. today it will roll out bistro boxes. small meals under 500 calories such as sesame noodles, that cost less than $6. our partners report the low calorie meals are selling briskly. >>> there are signs that a beard crafted could be coming to washington, d.c. anheuser- busch has applied for a federal trademark for area codes around the country and 202 is among them. anheuser-busch bought the island this year producing an ail called 202 brew. >> i'm still back on the starbucks thing. the macchiato. >> full of sugar. ice cream on top. some whipped cream. that could be a problem. >> under $6, that's cheaper than some of their coffees. >>> efforts to restore the chesapeake bay are off to a good start. they have drastically reduced pollution. for years, it has
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4